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First off some may have noticed there are 2 WEI tokens. I messed up on the first one to put it frankly. A few people bought and I didn’t want to rug them. Liquidity will remain in that one until everyone has sold. Please don’t buy it, only buy from official contracts listed on this site or the official socials.


Every token in the WEI ecosystem has a 5% buy tax and 5% sell tax. 2% max wallet. All tokens will be renounced and liquidity burned.

1% each way goes to liquidity

4% on WEI go to the marketing and  development of the ecosystem

4% on every other token in the ecosystem go towards rewards paid in ETH.

Every token within the ecosystem has and will be fair launched with a total supply of 1 billion.

How it works

WEI ecosystem is made up of many subsystems. WEI generates marketing and development funding for the rest of the ecosystem. Holders of WEI will receive 5% of the rewards generated by every other subsystem.

Every Subsystem will have a mascot token and team tokens. As an example the world cup will have FWCF as a mascot and 32 other tokens representing each team. The tokens above will funnel eth rewards into a world cup prize pool. Before the final match starts a snapshot will be taken of FWCF holders and of each team in the final. Holders of FWCF will receive 20% of the prize pool, Holders of the winning team will receive 75% of the prize pool, while holders of WEI will receive the final 5% of the prize pool.

After the snapshot is taken people are free to sell their team and mascot tokens if they wish. The subsystem tokens will not be used for anything else in the ecosystem other than the next world cup. (The mascot and any recurring teams will be used again for the next world cup if you’re willing to hold that long.)

As WEI collects rewards from all events it can be held long term for the next event.

The world cup is just the beginning, I hope to create a subsystem for every sporting event, and others in the future. (presidential elections, btc eoy price predictions, etc.)

Official contracts – all tokens on uniswap

World Events Inu –  WEI



Coming soon

About the Dev

I’m not really a Dev at all. I outsourced the contract creation and made the site using a drag and drop site builder. Apologies for the shottily thrown together site. I’m not happy with it, it will be updated in the future.

I have been in the crypto space for a few years and know it well. This is my first go at launching a coin. Hoping to create something fun and unique.

I’m not currently doxxxed but am exploring 3rd party doxxxing options.